Peggy Baggett


Voters of District 2, my Southside family, my friends from all across Decatur, and my own precious family, thank you so much for your faith in me.  As the newest member of the DCS Board of Education, I understand the challenges of this position and I promise that I will work diligently to make positive changes in the lives of Decatur’s children through our school system.  Throughout this campaign, my family and I have experienced highs (birth of Brantley, discovering new friends) and extreme lows (death of my only sibling, family health issues), but, through it all, God has never left us.  As I enter this new venture, I know that Decatur City Schools has only begun to show Alabama and the surrounding areas what its true potential is.  Join with me and the educational community in committing to this goal.


With my deepest gratitude,


Peggy Baggett


aug. 23



Memorable moments with...
Melissa Hill Dees Family or Friend

 "Peggy Baggett is the best of what we want to offer every student in Decatur City Schools. Her background in education; her unimpeachable integrity; and, her commitment to and compassion for children, make her singularly qualified to help lead our school system. Peggy understands that each child is different and that every child deserves the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. As a retired Austin High School English teacher, Peggy can readily attest to what our education system's priorities should be and find ways to implement those priorities for our children's benefit. Both of Peggy's successful children are graduates of our school system and her grandson is just beginning his education in Decatur City Schools. I am confident that Peggy Baggett will do everything in her power to assure our children's learning success!"

Jessie Schieler Former Student

"One thing I was especially thankful for once I got to college was Mrs. Baggett. It amazed me how one teacher had prepared me so well for every aspect of college life. Not only did she prepared me for schooling, Mrs. Baggett never failed to put a smile on your face and encourage you. She cared just as much about her students as she did about what she taught. And I will never forget that. The DCS board will be incredibly blessed to have her."

Kirby Harris Vickery Family or Friend

"WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE FOR PEGGY ON AUGUST 23rd? It's really quite simple. Imagine that you are sick and in need of surgery to make you well again. You wouldn't go to a teacher or a lawyer and get them to perform the surgery - that would just be silly. You would go to a doctor. The same reasoning applies to our school board. Decatur public schools are falling far short of providing our local children with the education they so desperately need in order to be successful in the future. To fix this problem, we don't need to fill our local school board with professionals such as doctors and lawyers. Rather, we need to fill our local school board with professionals who have been specifically trained in the area of education, and also possess an abundance of real world experience cultivating young minds to prepare them for what lies ahead. Peggy Baggett fills this specific need because she has THIRTY-NINE YEARS of experience as a teacher. As such, Peggy has real world experience with the unique challenges that our public schools must overcome in order to adequately prepare our children for the future that awaits them. In addition to her professional training and experience, Peggy also has a vested personal interest in seeing our public schools rise to the top because her grandson attends a Decatur City School. In short, the reason you should vote for Peggy Baggett on August 23rd is because she's simply the most qualified candidate for the position."

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